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Mon Jul 17, 2000 11:37 am

Hi again guys !
I have heard very few times about slats  
I have seen like an "arm" in the cockpit, next to the throttle arms, that sets the flaps to 0,1,2,4,10,15,20,30,40 on a 732.
But what about the slats ?
As much as i know, they are on the opposite side of the wing of the flaps.
How are they set ? Where is the control for them ?

Martín Cabrera

RE: Slats

Mon Jul 17, 2000 12:31 pm

From what I understand, slats are controlled by the flap lever. The slats deploy along with the flaps along certain flap settings. Someone else can probably go into further detail than me.
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RE: Slats

Mon Jul 17, 2000 12:56 pm

Slats are located on the leading edge of the wing. They are used in unison with the flaps. And they are lowered and raised when the flap lever is moved.
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RE: Slats

Mon Jul 17, 2000 4:46 pm

On the 747 the slats are normally driven in/out pneumatically. The airmotors get their signal to operate from switches that are operated by aft flap drive system. The motors are also fitted with an electric motor to operate the LE Flap/slat group in the case of pneu. failure.

On Airbuses the Slat/Flap operation is controlled by Slat/Flap Control Computers. One half of each computer will control the Slat system, while the other half will look after the flaps.

The computers control the hydraulic supply to the hyd motors that drive the Slats/Flaps. Each drive system has two motors one controlled by a different computer. Normally both computers operate in unison, but if one half of one computer should fail the the effected Flt control will continue to operate, but at half speed because one of the motors will not be functioning. If a whole computer fails both the slats & flaps will operate at half speed.

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