3D A/C Programs For Graphics

Thu Jul 20, 2000 7:18 pm

i currently work for Sprayavia International Ltd (Aircraft Paint Refinishers) Graphics Division and have been involved with designing spraymasks and vinyl self adhesive mandatory markings, graphics and logos for the likes of British Airways Eutopia project (and also 'chatham dockyard' new design), KLM, Virgin, BM, Air 2000, Monarch..... etc, and i am curious as to the availability of CAD 3D models of various aircraft which will allow you to place an image on to the virtual aircraft to warp the design so that it look correct and not 'bend' with the fuselage, this is currently done with trial and error slide transfers by various companies to varying degrees of accuracy. If any one has any information about such programs i would be glad to hear of anything that can make my and everybody elses job easier.


Daniel Mckee
Sprayavia International
Graphics Division
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