Holding Speed

Sat Jul 22, 2000 2:53 pm

Hello. Can someone tell me the speed limits for holding at certain altitudes? Thanks.
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RE: Holding Speed

Sat Jul 22, 2000 9:21 pm

to 14.000ft MSL.... 240Kt

from 14.000ft to 33.000ft.... 265Kt

from 33.000ft.... Mach 0.83

RE: Holding Speed

Sat Jul 22, 2000 9:23 pm

From what i know it is relative to the particular regulations of the country.
Aust Regulations state the following: these are ICAO compliant as far as i KNOW so regs around the world should not vary too much.

ENR 1.5 para 3.2

Unless otherwise specified, holding procedures are subject to the following limitations:
a speed: IAS must no exceed

1) up to and including FL140
-230 kt, or
-170kt for holding, limited to Cat A & B aircraft only;

2) above FL140 up to and including FL200, 240kt; and

3) above FL200, 265kt.

Note: above the highest MSA in turbulent conditions, speeds may be increased to the lesser of 280kt or M0.8 subject to ATC aproval in CTA.
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RE: Holding Speed

Sat Jul 22, 2000 11:31 pm

In the USA, for turbojet aircraft:

Altitude Range / Max Speed
0000 - 6,000 ft / 200kias
6,001 - 14,000 ft / 230kias
14,001 - above / 265kias

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