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Advanced Technology Transport

Sat Jul 22, 2000 10:22 pm


I wonder does anyone remember anything about this.

Back in the late 1960's to early 1970's, a number of US aircraft manufacturers studied the idea of what was called the Advanced Technology Transport (ATT).

Essentially, the ATT used a wide-body fuselage that had a wasp-like shape and used Whitcomb-like supercritical wings so the plane could cruise above the speed of sound (the maximum cruising speed was like around 1.3 Mach!). I think the problem of sonic booms and high fuel burn with the engine technology circa 1970 kind of killed the idea of ATT.

However, I think with modern engine technology and computerized aerodynamic design, the idea of ATT could be revived for today for long over-water routes. Imagine a plane that could fly LAX-NRT with 250-300 pax and save 2 hours or more of flight time compared to a 747-400. Even on routes where supersonic flight is not possible, there's obvious advantages of the plane capable of economic cruising just under the speed of sound (0.96-0.97 Mach), a big jump from an Airbus A330/A340 cruising around 0.82 Mach on economic cruise.

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