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207 Minute Etops

Tue Aug 01, 2000 6:14 am

I read a magazine article a while back regarding 207 minute ETOPS. Can anyone provide some insight into this change from 180 minute ETOPS? What aircraft have this certification. Why the 27 minute extension? Thanks for the help.
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RE: 207 Minute Etops

Tue Aug 01, 2000 6:34 pm

Triple7 has the 207 ETOPS certification.
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RE: 207 Minute Etops, Part 3

Wed Aug 02, 2000 11:20 pm

Hi Modesto, Buzz here. The 207 minute ETOPS is a 15% extention that you can apply for..... and the FAA -can- grant if you've proven that you are a good and proper 180 minute ETOPS operator. Of course they don't have to let you do it.
So..... that means if you're flying SFO-HKG in your Boeing Bigfoot (777) you have to plan your flight to be within 180 minutes (or 207 minutes if you've been good) of a suitable alternate in case you need to land. In some parts of the world runways are scarce.
Of course if you have a 3 or 4 engine airplane you don't have to worry about the 180 minute ETOPS stuff. After all ETOPS is supposed to stand for Extended-range Twin-engine OPerationS. At work we also say " Engines Turn Or People Swim".
Would you belive most of the ETOPS diversions to alternate airports are caused by sick passengers?
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RE: 207 Minute Etops

Thu Aug 03, 2000 7:22 am

I believe that the Boeing 777 is the only airplane to achieve the 207 ETOPS Rating and that started March 7 2000. No other aircraft is certified to fly 207 min ETOPS. Boeing and Airline companies faught for the certification, helping sell the 777 for trans-pacific flights, much to Airbus and the A-340's dismay. As far as I know, Airbus has no plans to certify any of their twins for 207 ETOPS based on their fight against this new certification. See their web site Paraphrasing, they say it is unsafe.

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