DL's L1011 Plans (attn: DL_Mech)

Sun Sep 10, 2000 9:34 pm

Before everyone gets all hot and bothered this is not one of those "when is Delta's last L1011 flight?" posts like you see on the civil ops board.

But I had some questions that DL_Mech can hopefully answer:

(1). Is Delta going to keep its L1011 flight crew training facility open along with its sim after the tristar is retired?

(2). Is there going to be a significant work load for L1011 contract maintenance? Will DL help in the conversion efforts of L1011 freightors if that's how they are going to be used?

(3). I may have asked this before, but....are there any Lockheed tech reps on site there, still? I know the 1011 has been out of production since 82/83, but I was led to believe that aerospace project tech reps were often present for years after.

I know that DL has been pretty resourceful in modifying the L1011--especially the rear door, satcom, avionics etc. Any other technical insight you have would be of great interest, to me at least!


RE: DL's L1011 Plans (attn: DL_Mech)

Mon Sep 11, 2000 1:11 am

Hi there dc-9 Capt,
I am not the delta mech you asked for, but I am one of them. As far as your questions, here goes.

1. No idea about the sims and crew training.
2. There are rumors that one of the Cargo Freighters are looking at buying 10 of the L-10's and we will be doing the mods to make them suitable for cargo.
3. As far as tech reps are concerned, I have never seen one, and I know other companies that own 1011's call Delta for engineering. We also have the PMA's to make parts that Lockheed doesn't even make anymore.

Hope this helps.

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RE: DL's L1011 Plans (attn: DL_Mech)

Mon Sep 11, 2000 3:33 am

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RE: DL's L1011 Plans (attn: DL_Mech)

Mon Sep 11, 2000 12:56 pm

Hey, DC-9CAPT! I wish I had some definite answers for you, but everything concerning the L-1011 is still up in the air right now (except the fact that it's leaving). I don't think we will know when the last L10 flight will occur until that day comes (My GUESS: -250 HNL-ATL). 1) The simulators and training dept. make a lot of money for DL (I've heard that the insourcing revenue pays for the entire staff)...So I hope that DL will not make the mistake that they made in '92 when they firesaled the DC-9 sim. 2) I hope we still keep working maintenance on the L10, but I don't think it's likely. The L10 is a very labor intensive aircraft and DL (like all airlines) has had trouble finding well qualified mechanics. I do think that our engine and APU shops will continue to turn out L10 engines and APU's for years (an engine went to Air Transat this week). 3) Yes, Lockheed still has an office at DL, but I work the midnight shift and don't see the Lockheed guys much. I think there is one or two of them up there......So, in a nutshell, I told you what I know (and think) and there is not that much there that is concrete. I do get a little frustrated when I read all the "When's the last L10 flight" questions, simply because I do not have an answer. Louis.
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RE: DL's L1011 Plans (attn: DL_Mech)

Mon Sep 18, 2000 2:28 am

As far as the Crew Traning Department, yes it does make a lot of money for DL. ATA does all of their L-10 training on Delta's sims as well as ground school facilites. With this operation essentially paying for itself with a lot left over, it would be foolish for DL to tank the L-10 training. But then again Delta has a track record of squandering resources that pays for itself.

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