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Takeoff Vs Landing

Sun Sep 17, 2000 9:27 pm


How someone can tell from a picture if an aircraft is about to takeoff or to land? The flaps position can give an indication, but I want other more obvious clues.

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Photo © Felix Sieder

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RE: Takeoff Vs Landing

Sun Sep 17, 2000 9:57 pm

The picture's caption states that it's taking off. I'm guessing the spray from the wet runway might make it look like it's touching down (tyre smoke), but I'd go by the caption.

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RE: Takeoff Vs Landing

Sun Sep 17, 2000 10:01 pm

Sorry, but I'm asking about any picture like this one without any written information  
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RE: Takeoff Vs Landing

Mon Sep 18, 2000 12:04 am

If the aircraft is on the runway, a landing aircraft will have deployed thrust reversers. Hope that helps!
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RE: Takeoff Vs Landing

Mon Sep 18, 2000 12:07 am

I think that flap position is likely the most obvious clue. Other indicators are more difficult to spot. Things like dust or rain water blown up from the runway by engines under high power, blurred images of tires that indicate whether they are turning. Other clues relate to the profile of the aircraft. Takeoffs usually result in a more nose-high angle than landings. The MD11 you show is likely taking off as the caption states. The flaps are not extended enough for a landing, and the high nose-up angle is contrary to a landing profile (unless the pilot severely got out of shape and had to over-flare to avoid a hard landing).
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RE: Takeoff Vs Landing

Fri Sep 22, 2000 2:02 pm

There is no smoke from touchdown on a take off. Also, I think the spoilers would be deployed at about this point, (main gear on the tarmac)
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RE: Takeoff Vs Landing

Tue Oct 03, 2000 7:32 am

The most obvious reason to understand that this a take off simply read the explanation underneath the picture its written "PH-KCI About to lift off runway 24L"Ha Ha!But seriously if that smoke was burned rubber I think we should see the spoilers deployed and the flaps should seem more extended.
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