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IApp & FApp

Sat Sep 23, 2000 9:45 am

Hello guys !
May be a stupid question, but when the Initial Approach begins and when the Final Approach begins ? i mean, how many kms away from the RWY and heigh ?
I guess that every a/c and depending on weather conditions and some other things, the figures are different, but lets say for example a B-732 with clear ceiling....
Well, that is all !
See you !


RE: IApp & FApp

Mon Sep 25, 2000 9:04 am

Each airport is different. The altitude remains the same regardless of weather or aircraft type. This way a Cessna 172 will cross the fix the same way a DC-10 would. When an aircraft is cleared for an insturment approach, like an ILS or VOR-DME, you'll here maintain 2,000 until established on the localizer cleared ILS rwy XX approach. Or there may be a crossing restriction like cross NIDUQ at or above 5,400 cleared ILS/DME rwy 33 approach. The FAF can differ depending on the airport, there is what's called the approach gate. This is an inaginary place 2 miles from the FAF. We ATC are legally require to vector an aircraft through the approach gate at no more than a 30 degree angle. This prevents planes from being right over the marker and needing to turn too much which would create a realy tough approach. Hope this helps answer the question, let me know if it didn't


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