A320 Flight Manual

Mon Sep 25, 2000 2:57 am

I have been studying the A320 Airbus study guide from Impact, in the hope of one day obtaining a type rating for this aircraft. The study guide refers to the flight manual or the FOM.
Are there any bus drivers! out there whom I may purchase an old set from, or know how I can obtain them
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RE: A320 Flight Manual

Sat Sep 30, 2000 7:48 pm

it's called FCOM.
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RE: A320 Flight Manual

Sun Oct 01, 2000 2:06 pm

I don't have a set, however I believe that we may have one A320 driver here somewhere. Mostly Boeing folks though.  

- Neil Harrison

RE: A320 Flight Manual

Sun Oct 01, 2000 5:29 pm

I have checked the study guide and it only makes reference to the FOM (flight operations manual), can you please tell me what the C stands for?
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RE: A320 Flight Manual

Sun Oct 01, 2000 7:25 pm

c = crew
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RE: A320 Flight Manual

Thu Oct 05, 2000 11:54 am

I work on the 320 here in YWG for AIR CAN and have a set of manuals the problem being of course how do you get them to England hmmm probably the best answer is for you to check around the heavy maint. bases for the A320, we at AIR CAN throw out worn out copies every day so if you can hook up with someone on the base and ask real nice maybe you'll get lucky and if your ever in Winnipeg Canada let me know and I'll get you a set good luck.

RE: A320 Flight Manual

Fri Oct 06, 2000 7:07 am

can they be sent to Detriot or Toronto if I pay the cost?
I travel to North America frequently. so it wont be a problem to collect them. Thank's

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