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Dc10/Airbus Nosegear On Turns

Wed Sep 27, 2000 12:43 pm

At work I've noticed on the DC10 and Airbus 319/320 that when a sharp turn is made while taxiing, one of the nosewheels is not even making contact with the taxiway. On the Dc10 this is very noticable. I was just wondering why this happens, and does it tend to damage the one tire that is doing all the work?
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RE: Dc10/Airbus Nosegear On Turns

Wed Sep 27, 2000 1:40 pm

Actually it's most noticeable on DC9's and MD80's-- in fact, one can R&R a nosewheel assy. on one without a jack by turning the gear ( with hydraulics depressurized ) until the wheel has daylight under it. --- Anyway, the reason that occurs is that the nose strut on those planes are angled fwd from perpendiclar to the fuselage...that is, the bottom of the gear is fwd of top, and so when the lower sliding member of the strut with the wheels on it is turned, the wheel opposite the direction of the turn will be higher than the mating wheel. I've seen where lightly loaded MD80's will tend to "plow" a bit if too great a steering input is made at too high a speed...owing to less contact patch on the nosewheels.
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RE: Dc10/Airbus Nosegear On Turns

Sat Oct 07, 2000 9:22 am

Yes, DAL had a problem with the MD88s pilots trying to turn while the aircraft was moving too fast. It sometimes was so bad that the tire on the inside of the turn would go flat because the bead was broken loose and let the N2 out. The problem was made worse because the flat tire wouldn't be noticed until the aircraft was being pushed out of the gate.

Maintenance was charged with a great many delays due to the flat tires until we were able to track certain crews and show that they were the cause!


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