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Sailplane-licence Before Ppl?

Thu Sep 28, 2000 8:08 pm

Hi everybody,

I´m thinking of making a pilots licene on a sailplane beacuse I´ll be 17 and I would be able to fly alone (as it says in Germany). Do you think having some flying experience is an advantage when you want to make the PPL or apply to an airline?
Thanks for any answers.


RE: Sailplane-licence Before Ppl?

Thu Sep 28, 2000 8:16 pm

My hunch....Yes.

I had a friend who went to get his sailplane rating after he had had his pilots license for many years. (He had flow DC-3's for the USFS) Anyway he got back and thought is was one of the best things that he ever did. He felt that it made him a much better techincal pilot and gave him a better understanding of the air and the way the mountains, and wind interacts.

I say go for it.

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