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BD Transatlantic

Wed Oct 11, 2000 4:45 am

Hello World!
As you may know, British Midland are re-comencing flights to the U.S. after 18 years.
Does anyone know:
a) Why transatlantic services stoped?
b) Which cities they flew to?
c) What aircraft types were used?

RE: BD Transatlantic

Wed Oct 11, 2000 5:22 am

In April 1970 the first 186-seat Boeing 707-321 joined British Midland and were but to work on the New York, Toronto, Caribbean route. I will try to find out more information as to why they stopped.  

RE: BD Transatlantic

Wed Oct 11, 2000 5:34 am

I mite be wrong on this   In September 1971 BMA lost £1.67 Million. so it started wet-leasing it's B 707's to other Airlines needing short-turm capacity.

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