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Firewall Power?

Sun Oct 29, 2000 10:31 am

I have heard the term "firewall power" used before but I had a few questions about it. What I understood is that it basically meant pushing the throttles as far as they would go. I assume that this was reserved for emergency situations (beyond normal go around power) like microburst or something.

My question is, what is firewall technically, and underwhat circumstances, if ever, would it be used? Also, would this be something that would have a command to override an Auto Pilot that prevents such power from being used, or does it simply, in Airbus, Boeing whatever, mean advancing the throttle levers as far as they will go?

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RE: Firewall Power?

Sun Oct 29, 2000 11:42 am

"Firewall power" is a very old expression dating back to single engine operations. The cockpit was immediately behind the engine compartment, separated only by a "firewall", a bulkhead that is fire resistant. Going to "firewall power" is as you hypothesized - pushing the throttles as far forward towards the [imaginary] firewall, usually during an emergency.

Modern day professionals and aircraft manufacturers don't use the term any more in anything other than a slang fashion.

Hope that explains it well enough!

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RE: Firewall Power?

Mon Oct 30, 2000 3:07 pm

In the F28 the throttles are pushed up to "detent" which literally is a detent you can feel in the throttles when they are almost all the way forward. This is the normal takeoff setting, and the engines are rigged to provide a given NH, NL and thrust at that point. If required, the pilots can firewall it, moving the levers another 3/4-1", giving extra power. As Buff points out, the F28 is hardly "modern", though.
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RE: Firewall Power?

Tue Oct 31, 2000 3:18 am

Most airlines now call it Max Power. At my airline we use it only for stall recovery, windshear escape maneuvers and GPWS alerts.

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