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Hawaiian Widebodies

Thu Nov 09, 2000 8:03 am

Article in Flight International about Hawaiian Airlines looking at retiring DC-10s, and replacing with either 767/777 or A330.

Given that Hawaii to US West Coast requires operations under 180 minute rules, how will Hawaiian achieve this on day one of operations? I think normally an airline has to operate a new type for a year before starting EROPS.
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RE: Hawaiian Widebodies

Thu Nov 09, 2000 11:25 am

The 777 is available with ETOPS on delivery; the airline still has to do some proving flights for the FAA.

I'm also not sure about the correctness of your statement that airlines have to operate a new type for a year before gaining ETOPS. Aloha started 737-700 flights between HNL/OGG and OAK not long after receiving them; though Aloha did have a coupe of ETOPS-rated 737-200s.

Presumably this issue has been dealt with, as the CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, Paul Casey, is quoted in the Flight International article as saying the DC-10 replacement will definately be a long-range twin.

RE: Hawaiian Widebodies

Fri Nov 10, 2000 12:18 am

During the 2 months prior to the start of Aloha service to OAK, Aloha 737's were regular sights here in the Bay Area with crews doing proving runs.

Richard Silagi

RE: Hawaiian Widebodies

Fri Nov 10, 2000 8:17 am


I'm not aware of all of the rules out there in regards to ETOPS, but American has started flights with the 767-300ER's out of Chicago, Los Angeles and San Franscico.
They will start shortly with flights out of Dallas. maybe this info will help you out.

RE: Hawaiian Widebodies

Tue Nov 21, 2000 2:28 am

Delta also will be switching from L-1011 to 767-400 soon. The jet will be delivered ETOPS approved. As for Aloha and the 737-700 from OAK to OGG and HNL, God bless those who fly them. That jet is way to small for my tastes and the fare is pretty high too. When I am over water for those hours I want to be in the largest plane possible. I will hate to see the L-1011 retired from DL. It is the best jet ever.

RE: Hawaiian Widebodies

Tue Nov 28, 2000 10:36 am

The 737-700 can't be too bad to fly between CA & HI. I mean UA, AA, & I think some others fly the 757 (also a Boeing narrowbody). Essentially, from a passenger perspective, the 737 is basically a shorter 757, since the width is the same. As long as it is safe, I wouldn't mind it. I mean, the FAA wouldn't have certified it if it wasn't safe.
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RE: Hawaiian Widebodies

Wed Nov 29, 2000 9:05 am

I wouldn't mind having a 757 for a over water trip!

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