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737-400 Flight Operations

Thu Nov 16, 2000 3:33 am

I was wondering would anyone be willing to give me some performance specs on the 734 for the following items:

a) Climb rates at MTOW and half of MTOW
b) A method for calculating V-speeds based on the above weights
c) Optimum altitudes for the above weights

Any information would be greatly appreciated  

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RE: 737-400 Flight Operations

Sat Nov 18, 2000 9:35 pm

Hello Aer Lingus
I wanted to Email you with 2 files written on a B737-300 by a FO but your Email address is supress anyway if you are interested in these two files you can email me at
As for the rate of climb from what I have understood (after seaching all the WEB looking for this kind of information)(1)It can be calculated by the computer for best climb rate or (2)the pilot set a constant climb according to (temp, weight etc.) and what ever feet per minute he gets is OK.It's the CLIMB POWER that is most important or sometimes a target airspeed.(3) A request in FPM from ATC for separtion reasons.
Hope this help

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