Main Inprovements With P+W4000 Over JT9D-7R4

Fri Dec 15, 2000 10:47 am

What were the improvements made on the P+W4000 series engine over the JT9D-7R4?
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RE: Main Inprovements With P+W4000 Over JT9D-7R4

Sun Dec 17, 2000 12:27 pm

The -7R4 made less thrust. The PW4000's made more. PW4052, 52k lbs. thrust, 4056 56k th. etc. 4000s could supposedly could be interchanged with 747,767. The 4000 has 50% less parts, lower maintenance costs and better SFC.

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RE: Main Inprovements With P+W4000 Over JT9D-7R4

Tue Dec 19, 2000 12:53 am

Hi King 767, Buzz here. Well...... it's sure an evolution of the JT9 series engine. Other that better materials, better oil system, better internal airflow, revised position of the accessories.... it's pretty much the same.(grin)
OK, to be serious, it's taken the good points of the JT9's and improved them.
I'm not well versed in the better materials depratment, but the oil system is made to keep oil in (compared to the old drippy JT9's) so they don't drink much oil per hour. Better airflow, more compression per fan stage
The accessories like hydraulic pump, fuel/oil pump, fuel control, oil tank, starter , etc is mounted on the bottom of the fan case ..... which makes it more convienient for guys like me who take care of them.
I guess the PW 4000 series has the ability to grow into a really high thrust engine, which the JT9's had kind of reached the end.
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