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Flight Plan

Mon Dec 18, 2000 3:09 am

The following route was taken from an actual flight:


After looking at this route, I must ask: why are certain identifiers separated by one "period" while others are separated by two "periods"? What's the significance of this? Thanks.
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RE: Flight Plan

Mon Dec 18, 2000 5:54 am

I'm not 100% sure, however, I think that the double dot (..) shows the connection between a SID (Departure Route) to the enroute portion of the flight. Also, later in the flight, it shows transition from enroute to the arrival routing, however, this particular flight plan does not have a STAR (arrival route). So the double dots just show the separation from enroute to destination. Other than these times, one dot separates all of the other fixes.
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RE: Flight Plan

Mon Dec 18, 2000 8:18 am

You're reading an AA flight plan routing discription so a single dot separates waypoints and routings while two dots indicates a "direct" leg between the two points.


Translated to:

Los Angeles VOR to Gorman2 departure to Gorman VOR .direct to. Panoche VOR to V310 airway to SUNOL intersection .direct to. Oakland VOR.

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