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Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 3:07 am

Do pilots still "listen" to the ATIS or do they receive it via ACARS? I was on a UA 744 in September and the pilots listened to the ATIS. However, I was on an AA MD-80 a few weeks ago and they received the ATIS using ACARS. If they use ACARS, would they still listen to it? Thanks for any info regarding this topic.
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RE: Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 3:13 am

We have just started using this new function on our 747-400s, although at the moment only when flying into home base at HKG. In this case, we do not listen to the ATIS, we just read it off the ACARS. However, most places we fly to, we still get it the traditional way, through the radio.

RE: Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 5:43 am

I have seen metars and tafs coming through ACARS but never the ATIS.

I guess that you learn something new everyday.....

RE: Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 6:22 am

ATIS on ACARS is now available on a growing number of airports.
There is even a very useful feature on madern acars,which is the "update" function of the atis reception;every time the atis letter changes,the acars provides you with the latest version.Saves even on the blushes of quoting an obsolete atis to the atco!

RE: Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 6:49 am

I am sure pilots use ACARS to get sports scores more then they do for ATIS.
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RE: Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 7:39 am

The last couple of times that I have jumpseated.....they flightcrews have used ACARS to receive ATIS info.

RE: Atis Via Acars

Thu Dec 28, 2000 11:55 pm

If I can get a ACARS printed copy, I don't listen.

Sports scores "can" come over ACARS, however it
is due to a dispatcher gathering the info in the first
place. More often than not scores come from a
center controller coming off of a break.

Since ATIS is normally an hourly function it's
not the final word really, especially when the
weather gets lower and lower. I use ATIS as
a trend indicator mostly. Real live approach
and tower exchanges actually define the
current conditions.


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