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United DC7C Exhaust Track Color

Sun Dec 31, 2000 9:40 am

Help can anyone out there tell me the color of the exhaust track area of the wings on a United DC7

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RE: United DC7C Exhaust Track Color

Thu Jan 04, 2001 9:49 pm

Hi Boeing767mech, Buzz here. I don't think UAL had any of the "C" model DC-7's, I could be wrong though. The DC-7C had an extended wing center section, more fuel there.
Dad was going through flight engineer school in early '66 and there were only a few DC-7's for training, the DC-6B was still used for short haul operations..... in the pre-737 days. Caravelles were for East Coast stuff.
Idea: look on United's web site, there's a section called "Photo Gallery" and shots of each of what UAL has flown over the years. You might see what you're looking for there.
The DC-6's were just plain aluminum color downstream of the engines, and the R-2800 engines had aluminum cowlings.
The DC-7 had R-3350 engines (50% bigger), leaked a lot more oil, and had aluminum cowlings with Titainium nacelles. So that might be what you're noticing.
Some operations painted the area downstream of the engines gloss black, to disguise the oil mess that radial engines make. We measure oil consumption in gallons per hour on radials, modern engines use tenths-of-quarts per hour. It's a different way of life.
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RE: United DC7C Exhaust Track Color

Sun Jan 07, 2001 6:28 am

In the mid 1950s I worked on the final assembly line of the DC-6s and DC-7s at the Douglas, Santa Monica, CA plant. As I recall the wing stripings were a very light gray glossy paint that enabled oil tracks to be easily wiped off of the wings. We did not do black stripes, the airlines must have added those.
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