Third Level Country

Fri Jan 12, 2001 2:57 am

What is a third level country?I think about flying.
Is the technical maintenance so bad that you should be afraid of flying in those countries

RE: Third Level Country

Fri Jan 12, 2001 5:10 am

In read in your profile that you're from Norway... Correct ?

Where are you planning to go ?
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RE: Third Level Country

Fri Jan 12, 2001 5:33 am

I am not sure if its only the maintenance but in some countries navaids and radar coverage is not very good due to that countries' finacial abilities.These poorer countries can't spend enough for their facilities,most of the time they are outdated or maybe even not working.It should be a great difficulty especially for those who are used to fly with better equipment on the ground.Once I heard in Russia they are using mostly NDB's instead of VOR's -which may be more expensive compared to NDB-But anyhow if any country wants to have international airtraffic(which is very important for connecting to all over the world)they have to obey the requirements of international community so I don't think any country dare to fail to obey the standarts.About the maintenance if the facility of that particular airport is not good enough to serve that aircraft they simply don't maintain their aircraft there.Planes usually doesn't need a spesific maintenance in every airport landed.And if a part is broken or not working they can order itfrom some other airport.
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RE: Third Level Country

Sat Jan 13, 2001 10:09 am

a friend of mine who flew a pilatus around the world tells me that it's a country where:
1) you can't get PRIST
2) you have to pay for ATC directly, so when they hear an american voice they vector you around in circles for hours to rack up charges


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