Is That Highly Impossible For Me?.... Please ...

Mon Jan 22, 2001 10:41 pm

Dear friends, i am jack again, from malaysia. Atlast i am willing to do my A&P training in united states. Guys please let me know, Is that most impossible for me to get a job in united states after A&P certificate,[ as a other country citizen] can i work there?. i heard , there in united states, lot of A&Ps are still in demand. so after my A&P certificate, if i get any job offer from any small or big aviation organisation, can i work? or i need to come back?. Guys ,as a experienced person you all know very well about this, please let me know.Is that impossible for me to work there in united states after my training.?please ... any help full suggestions? thanks in advance. yours.....JACK
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RE: Is That Highly Impossible For Me?.... Please ...

Tue Jan 23, 2001 3:59 am

In order to work in the US you will need to find an employer who is willing to employ you and is willing to sponsor you for a green card.

In order fo you to be eligable for emplpoyment the employer must take all steps to first fill this job with someone who has legal status to work in the US. The employer must advertise the job in a newspaper or trade journal and give sufficient time to receive a response from applicants.

If no one having legal status qualified shows up that has the credentials to fill that position then after a specified period of time you can have the job.

So the chances are slim if you don't have a work permit.

You can apply for resident alien status if you have are a skilled worker which you will be after training. This approach offers more hope.

You're best bet is to talk with an immigration lawyer.

There's always the hope you will fall in love and get married to an American when you are here.

Good luck !!
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One Place To Look

Tue Jan 23, 2001 8:57 pm

Hi Jack-747, Buzz here. Have you read a copy of Aviation Maint. Technology magazine? Lots of interesting ads, etc for the airplane fixing kind of guy.
You can see their web site at They also send out free copies.
Good luck
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