Fuel Requests

Thu Feb 15, 2001 3:57 am

Having listened recently on airband radio to Ground Handling Operators speaking to inbound aircraft, I am interested to know what is actually meant by the following examples.......(all from different aircraft)

1) Ramp Fuel is 3 tonnes

2) The trip is 331

3) The burn is 450

4) The uplift is 4 tonnes

It appears that these are the fuel in weights (kgs) but if somebody could just explain the basic requirements I would be most grateful.
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RE: Fuel Requests

Sun Feb 18, 2001 2:26 pm

I don't know if I'm answering your question correction, but I'll give it a whirl as to how I see it.

1.) The total fuel loaded on the aircraft was 3 tonnes.

2.) The trip is going to be (or was) 331 nautical miles long.

3.) The fuel burn is (or was) 450 gallons (??) per hour.

4.) I have no clue.

The transmissions you describe sound like routine chatter between dispatch and the aircraft. The pilot was most likely giving a 'narriation' (for lack of a better word) of how much fuel he needs, how much was burned, and how long the planned route is.

I hope I answered your question to you liking.

- Neil Harrison
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RE: Fuel Requests

Sun Feb 18, 2001 6:04 pm

The fuel reports that you cite are from aircraft operating different flights as they make no sense when taken together. That said here is a breakdown;

Ramp fuel; All the fuel onboard prior to pushback. Take-off fuel plus the fuel required to burn to taxi to the runway.

Trip fuel: Fuel quantity required by the flight plan to fly that particular trip

Burn: The amount of fuel burned while flying the last trip. From the time of the last refueling OR the estimated computation in the current flight plan for the upcoming flight. preceded by "is" or "was". "fuel burn was" means actual burned since the last refueling. "Fuel burn is" is the estimate for the upcoming trip.

Uplift: The amount of fuel added or needing to be added during the latest refueling

Hope that wasn't confusing


RE: Fuel Requests

Mon Feb 19, 2001 5:00 am

Thanks to Pilot113 & HeavyCapt

Not confusing at all - well explained in fact.

Thanks for the time taken.

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