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Boeing Company Meeting ,what To Expect?

Tue Feb 20, 2001 12:02 pm

I am just a preper on this job. I also a pilot but in the mean time want to keep this job and BOEING company is comming to have a meeting on some aircraft there bringing in . Anyone know what I should expect And how if possible to get these poeple to like me or are they real strick poeple?

RE: Boeing Company Meeting ,what To Expect?

Fri Feb 23, 2001 2:08 pm

For one who used to work for both Boeing North and South, I'd say Boeing people are just like any other people. Out of that many people in that big a company, some are super nice and some are just the worst a..wholes. Most are somewhere in between if not a little on the nice side. Just approach them with a positive, outgoing and friendly attitude, I'd think you'll receive the same in return.


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