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Landing Sequence

Fri Mar 02, 2001 5:22 am

Sorry but this is my first post on this forum so I hope I am not being too repetitive.
Could someone tell me where I can find info on a the landing sequence of a plane, meaning what happens upon final descent and landing?

I am so intrigued by it and was wondering is there was a good web site out there going over this. Hey, if one of you would like, you can post and walk me through it.

So far, I've learned some of the function of the spoilers nad reverse thrust, but can one of you please piece it together for me? Thanks so much!
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RE: Landing Sequence

Fri Mar 02, 2001 5:35 am

Final approach you are stabalized on the glideslope and lined up with the runway. You have the necessary flaps setting selected as necessary for the weight of the airplane. In most aircraft you have a function where you can arm the spoilers to deploy when the wheels touch down.. they are armed at this time (or a little bit earlier on approach). The airplane is continued flown in on the glideslope stabilized and power is pulled back to idle as the runway is reached. You flare the airplane (raise the nose up) and let the airplane's main landing gear settle on the runway... then "fly" the nose wheel down until it touches the ground. When the wheels first touched down the spoilers automatically deployed, and after the nose wheel touches down, you put the engines into reverse.... as the airplane slows through 100 kts the reversers are brought back to idle and stowed so they dont suck up crap from the runway. All through this time braking is also applied.

I hope that made some sort of sense...
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