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Sat Mar 03, 2001 7:19 pm

I saw a program on the Discovery channel where they featured 3 hour long documentrys on a Air Canada flight from Toronto to Frankfurt.As the plane is cleared fro take off the 1st officer says "3000,TARA,landings lights on,before takeoff checklist complete,EPR"
I would like to know what does 3000 TARA mean.
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RE: Tara

Sat Mar 03, 2001 7:55 pm

TA/RA refers to TCAS system and transponder and means Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory. It's a transponder mode which activates the TCAS for the flight. 3000 can mean the transponder code, but I think it also might be the initial climb altitude (3000 feet) where the aircraft has been cleared by the ATC.


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Sat Mar 03, 2001 8:04 pm

On the B747-400 Takeoff checklist the response to Transponder is TA/RA.

This mode governs the TCAS advisories, TA = Traffic Advisory and RA= Resolution Advisory.

I dont know if that what Air Canada uses the term for, but its a good guess!


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Sun Mar 04, 2001 3:48 am

Oops M80, you got there before me, so much for the time lag between reading a message and writing the reply.

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