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777 Door Problem?

Mon Mar 05, 2001 5:58 am

This morning I was passing through IAD & had about an hour and a half to kill so I spent my time watching the activity on the ramp. I observed two United maintenance guys working on the right rear passenger door of a UAL 777. For over an hour they kept opening and closing the door dozens of times. I am wondering if anyone has any idea what the problem would have been with the door? I know the 777 has somewhat unusual passenger doors. What are the major differences between the 777 passenger doors and those on other similar aircraft? Are the 777 doors “plug” type doors? Are the 777 pax. doors more trouble to maintain than those on other aircraft?

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RE: 777 Door Problem?

Tue Mar 06, 2001 2:11 am

I'm certainly no authority on the technical side, but I do know-777 doors are indeed plug doors, and that the instructions from the airlines stressed the importance of designing a door that is VERY easy to operate both for cabin crew and technical staff. Maybe there was a problem with the door latching mechanism? bottom-line, easy to maintain door. Hope this helps?

RE: 777 Door Problem?

Tue Mar 06, 2001 11:19 am

777 doors are not plug type doors.


RE: 777 Door Problem?

Wed Mar 07, 2001 9:16 am

I disagree with Mech@lax, 777 doors "are" plug type. There is alot of monkey motion in these doors but the same can be said of 767 doors or A320 etc. These doors do not normally go out of rig in service, unless they're damaged by a service truck or jetway. The most common problem is a "door not locked" indication in the cockpit which can usually be traced to an electrical problem such as a prox. switch.
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RE: 777 Door Problem?

Wed Mar 07, 2001 9:23 am

I agree with Yakil.. Either a prox sensor, or maybe adjusting a door seal that'd been reported noisy in-flight...
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