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Windy @ ATL Today!

Wed Mar 07, 2001 11:30 am

Man oh man, was it ever windy down at Hartsfield this afternoon! I sat at the northeast end of the North Cargo building watching inbound short final traffic, and it was wild. I watched as L10's, 777's, 767's etc. got tossed around like toys on short final. To the flightcrews- is it pretty nerve-wracking to fight 28-35 mph wind gusts on final like that in an airliner? I would imagine it would really be tough, not to mention terryfying for some pax. It was cool to watch the crab angles though, it looked as if some of them were flying sideways. Everyone was coming in under high thrust settings as well. One DL L10 had to keep correcting his heading, as the wind gusts kept knocking him off! Please share some stories about wind gusts!  Wow!
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RE: Windy @ ATL Today!

Wed Mar 07, 2001 11:58 am

I was flying back home to Troutdale one night in a 150  Smokin cool and the winds were something like 25 gusting 35 on the ground if I remember correctly. The plane had a LORAN in it too, and my groundspeed was reading about 30 knots at 1500 feet (airspeed averaged out to approx 100 knots). That was a ride  Big thumbs up the cars on the ground were passing me  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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