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AMT Mathematic Use

Wed Mar 28, 2001 8:29 am

Can any AMT's or just fitters tell me were maths is used in A/C engineering , because i've only ever used it to work out bend radius and working out the c of g . Our college lecturers say you will use maths a lot more when you become a liscensed Aircraft engineer.
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RE: AMT Mathematic Use

Wed Mar 28, 2001 9:53 am

It certainly is used, but how often it is used can vary with the nature of the work. Nothing exotic mind you; just simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You often need to convert fractional measurements into decimal ones and vise-versa-- Measurements, clearances, extrapolation and interpolation of data/readings/graphs to name just a few instances. I've gotten good at converting Centigrade to Fahrenheit in my head...I guess I'm too set in my ways to accept Centigrade readings at face value without a "what's the *real* temperature?" question in the back of my head. ---- BTW, got a question for you: I realize that the term "Engineer" in Britain is more or less analogous to the US' "mechanic"...but what is a "fitter" and what is the difference between they and engineers?
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RE: AMT Mathematic Use

Wed Mar 28, 2001 5:42 pm

1. I have had to convert the Kgs fuel load on a flight plan to the Lbs on the a/c gauges and then litres on the Bowser to gallons in the log book.

2. Calculating how much weight to add to a CF6 fan for fan balancing.

3. Calculating how much biocide to add to an a/c fuel system.

All fairly simple stuff as NKP S2 says.

A UK Engineer is equivalent to an A&P

A fitter is a non-licenced mech.
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RE: AMT Mathematic Use

Mon Apr 02, 2001 12:09 pm

Pitot Statics too the figures u want are always in inches of mercury or inches of water or bars or knots or atmospheres and the only puff box u can find never has the same scale  Big grin

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