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Retracting Flaps

Mon Apr 09, 2001 7:19 am

i was wondering what happens when you retract the flapes.When I went to CT last summer we took off from Phoenix,a little later it felt like we dropped a little bit,is that because they retracted the flaps,i was not looking out the window at that time.Does the plane drop when they retract the flapes.Or what does it do?A picture of a 747 retracting it's flaps got me thinkin Smile

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RE: Retracting Flaps

Mon Apr 09, 2001 7:27 am

I can feel like that however, if flaps are retracted slowly and at the proper airspeed, you should not notice anything.
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RE: Retracting Flaps

Mon Apr 09, 2001 8:26 am

The sensation of "falling" could have just been the fact that the aircraft is accelerating because the flaps have been retracted. Flaps, when extended, change the camber of the airfoil, making it produce more lift. The more lift an airfoil produces, the more drag. When the flaps are retracted, the airfoil produces less lift. Iain is correct in saying that if the flaps are retracted without sufficient airspeed, a decrease in vertical speed may result. It is highly unlikely though that the aircraft will actually lose altitude or "drop."
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RE: Retracting Flaps

Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:22 am

On the Airbus A32x and A330, extending Flaps to position 2 creates an enormous pitch down and although being in a descend with 500 f/m vertical speed you may get an climb with up to 500'/m for a short time. When retracting the flaps from 2 to 1 after T/O the influence is not that strong but still noticeable. You have to push the nose a bit down to compensate for the pitch-up moment, which might give you the feeling af descending a bit.
(there is no degree indication with the flap settings as with other aircraft, because every position (1,1+F,2,3,Full) corresponds to a different amount of flaps on the 4 aircraft.
e.g.: Flaps 2 / Full

A319 15° / 40°
A320 15° / 35°
A321 14° / 25°
A330 14° / 32°

RE: Retracting Flaps

Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:33 am

It is important to remember that what you feel in the seat of your pants is not indicative of what is really happening. You will learn this in detail if/when you do your Insrument rating.

RE: Retracting Flaps

Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:47 am

Just one of those "Dreaded Air Pockets". I was walking down the street yesterday and ran into one my self, right in front of the hardware store. Kept walking and recovered nicely..

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