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Lowest Power Setting And!

Thu Apr 19, 2001 10:58 am

There is two questions in this post,so that I did not have to post two SmileI have realy been into fighters for the past two weeks............................

1.What is the lowest power setting that a fighter jet can run at and still have power to fly........and can you run afterburners with that low setting or do the only use the afterburners on full power?

2.i have never ridden in a fighter jet so I don't know what it feels like,here is my little question.When you apply full power when in flight and apply afterburners,can you feel a big difference?,like it just pins you to the seat and do you pull any G's at that time?And is it a fast reaction,like you feel it right away?and finaly,how many G's do they pull when takeing-off on a A/c carryer?
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RE: Lowest Power Setting And!

Thu Apr 19, 2001 11:49 am

Afterburners are all the way up on the thrust levers on fighters, usually after a detent. I have no clue how to answer your first question. It will vary from fighter to fighter, but you cannot have a low power setting with the burners lit, that is for sure.

For your second questoin, there is a huge kick when you light the burners...especially on takeoff. You know it when those things light off. (its kinda like taking a fire hose of fuel and shooting it into the hot exhaust and causing a controlled explosion). I believe it is approximately 3G's on departure from an aircraft carrier.
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