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ATR 42

Fri Apr 27, 2001 11:52 pm

HI my name's DIEGO, I'm about to move from the Seneca V to the right seat of an ATR 42 for an european regional and I was trying to gather as much informations as I could dealing with the engines, the propellers and other systems such as the hydraulic system, the electrical, the a/c and the pressurization;
If there is anybody out there willing to share his knowledge with me please do not hesitate to contact me on diegoair@yahoo.it

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RE: ATR 42

Sun Apr 29, 2001 2:46 pm

We did have a member who flew these things. I think his name was ATRPilot or something to that extent. I don't know if he's still with us though.

I'm sending this to the top, in hopes that if he's still with us he'll find this topic in due time.

- Neil Harrison
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RE: ATR 42

Mon Apr 30, 2001 9:07 am

Try this link. There are two study guides here. One is for sale, and the other is free. The free one mainly consists of oral questions, the other one goes in to detail about the panels and systems. They are written by pilots from Continental Express, so there may be some company-specific variations in the procedurs.


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