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Any Opinions On New AN Fleet?

Sun Apr 29, 2001 10:22 pm


I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on new aircraft for the Ansett Australia (AN) fleet. As you probably know, AN has had maintenance troubles with the B767-277's and B767-204's it has and will sell these soon (they're 17 years old). What do you think it should do with regards to fleet renewal?

Here's mine:

It currently has - 22 B737-300's, 20 A320-200's, 10 B767-200's, 1 B767-300ER, 2 B747-400's

I think it should:

sell the B737-300's (they're starting to age) and buy 15 A319's

increase the A320 fleet to 30 by buying 10

buy 15 A330-200's (10 for domestic operations - direct B767-200 replacements, 5 for trans-Tasman and Asian routes)

take up some of the SQ A340-300E's (6 or 8) that they are selling and start European routes and consolidate Asian markets.

lease 2 more B747-400's from SQ to operate US routes.

So, basically, the airline within 10 years should have a fleet with 15 A319-100's, 30 A320-200's, 15 A330-200's, 8 A340-300E's and 4 B747-400's.

The key for AN operations is expansion into Asia and North America since AN International actually turns over a profit.

The alternatives (which I'm sure someone else will back) is the replacement of the A320s and 733's with 737-700's and 800's and SQ 777-200's

My argument is that labour costs will send AN broke, therefore they should cut down on those by having a uniform fleet where the A319 and A320 have cockpit commonality and minimal change to the A330-200 and A340-300E. They would only have 3 aircraft types in the fleet, the A319/320 family, A330/340 family and the B747. Perhaps the 747's may not be needed in a few years in favour of more A340's or A330's.

Would welcome corrections to my current philosophy and arguments as to why they shouldn't do this from people more knowledgeable than myself, though I must admit having thought about it quite a lot.


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