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280 Knots To "clean Up"

Sun May 27, 2001 12:26 pm

I was at LAX listening to my scanner and a 744 pilot requested 280 knots to "clean up" as he was passing about 2000 feet. Is this a normal procedure? Can anyone please elaborate? Thank you.
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RE: 280 Knots To "clean Up"

Sun May 27, 2001 1:35 pm

For every weight there is a minimum flap manouvering speed. This minimum speed provides a margin of safety as it is creates a buffer zone between stall speed.

If you retract the flaps before you reach the minimum flap manouverings speed you entering into that buffer, or safty zone.

280 was the 747's minimum manouvering speed for flaps zero at that weight.

The pilot probably had a spped restriction below his minimum flap manouvering speed clean and was asking for 280 so he could get the flaps up.


RE: 280 Knots To "clean Up"

Sun May 27, 2001 3:37 pm

Remember the speed limit of 250 KIAS upto 10,000 feet. A heavy B747 needs to go to Vref+100 to clean up fully, this can be in the region of 283 KIAS.
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RE: 280 Knots To "clean Up"

Sun May 27, 2001 5:35 pm

Yeah it's just going to waste a lot of fuel having to keep the flaps out until 10,000', so they request to fly faster so they can get them in.

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