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Loans For Flight Training

Mon May 28, 2001 7:21 am

This may be a topic for another forum, but I'm asking it here because I think this is place where it is most likely to be answered accurately.

Here is my situation. I will graduate from college next year, and I will have a BS in Accounting. I'm considering taking out a loan to finish my flight training (through CFII/MEI). It would take about 8 years to finish without the loan.

Now, here's the question: What is a typical interest rate and term of a loan for that type. I'm not sure whether I'd be eligable for a Perkins or Stafford Loan (and besides that, I already know the term and interest rate for those, and I might just be making to much as an accountant...)

Perhaps someone can comment who has taken out a loan to finish flight training.

Jack @ AUS

RE: Loans For Flight Training

Mon May 28, 2001 8:34 am

I wrote an article for Jetcareers about this, you might want to have a look: Click Here. I hope it helps!
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RE: Loans For Flight Training

Mon May 28, 2001 8:54 am

A flight club I was in had a SallieMae learning loan that you could get.
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