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Terminal Gate Gaps

Wed Jul 11, 2001 8:16 pm

hello everyone, im just wondering how the airport builders plan on how long the gaps are between gates. do they measure it so that it would be possible to fit 747's in all the gates, or they have a specific number of gates for smaller aircraft like the 737?
help would really be appreciated, thanks a lot =)
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RE: Terminal Gate Gaps

Thu Jul 12, 2001 1:03 am

The contractors know what airline uses what wing of a terminal and I suspect the airline has input as to the space based upon the type of equipment they are operating. They are paying huge dollars per sq. foot rental.
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RE: Terminal Gate Gaps

Thu Jul 12, 2001 1:24 am

Most of the time airports have the widebodys in one section and the smaller planes in another. Like the domestic and international terminals. But sometimes you see stuuf like 737s where 777s usualy park.
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RE: Terminal Gate Gaps

Thu Jul 12, 2001 10:08 am

Don´t forget the (much) different space requirements for passenger waiting areas.
It wouldn´t make much sense to waste a 400-person waiting area on a gate for 727s...  Smile
That´s actually one of the points where airports are expected to need some (minor) changes when the A380 enters service even though it fits into the standard 80m box. They will need to expand the gate waiting areas a bit (which were originally planned for 747 seat counts) to accomodate the additional passengers.

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