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Swissair Go Arounds @ Jfk

Wed Aug 01, 2001 11:47 pm

Can anyone help me to understand why for the past two days I have seen a swissair a330 do go arounds at jfk while landing on 4r-22l? The weather seemed to be ok with very little cloud cover and minimal winds. I've also seen a swissair do a go around in June. Are their pilots unfamiliar with landing a 330 at jfk? I did not see any other flights coming do go arounds at the times the swissair flights did theirs, although I did notice that their flights do come in a bit high.
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RE: Swissair Go Arounds @ Jfk

Thu Aug 02, 2001 6:05 am

Maybe SR has specific operating procedures for JFK?

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RE: Swissair Go Arounds @ Jfk

Thu Aug 02, 2001 6:14 am

Probably just a bit of bad luck, or they have been following slow guys recently.
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RE: Swissair Go Arounds @ Jfk

Thu Aug 02, 2001 1:21 pm

Bad luck, indeed! I was on a DL MD-11 arriving at ATL and we had 2 go-arounds, if you can believe that. That after being already late and I had a connection to catch (fortunately, it waited)
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RE: Swissair Go Arounds @ Jfk

Thu Aug 02, 2001 7:20 pm

A go around can be initiaded with a lot of reasons.It doesn't mean you are unfamiliar with the airport.Airline pilots fly to a lot of airports which they fly for the first time ever, can you imagine the cost and the caos if every first timer pilot makes a go around?Pilots uses the procedures and the rules to fly their aircraft. An unsafe landing gear light or the previous landed aircraft couldn't move his b^^t away from the runway might be the reasons for the case.
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