Reagan-National Approaches/departures

Mon Aug 06, 2001 12:11 pm

What are the special procedures for approaching and departing Washington National airport, could someone describe them? When I flew from DCA to TPA we took of north and made a tight left turn at a high pitch attitude.

RE: Reagan-National Approaches/departures

Mon Aug 06, 2001 2:17 pm


the reason you took off and made a sharp left turn is that slightly to the right and in front of the climbout is restricted airspace for the white house and no flight is allowed what-so-ever. Therefore pilots have to turn left to avoid the area. Same with landings, that runway wont have straight in approaches, they do whats called a "river visual" where they fly down and follow the river.

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RE: Reagan-National Approaches/departures

Tue Aug 07, 2001 5:18 am

When pilots take off on RWY 1, they fly on the Washington 328 degrees radial and follow the river because of Prohibited P56.


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