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Flight Manual ATR 42 - 300

Mon Aug 06, 2001 11:49 pm

Having a new airplane ATR 42 in the company I am working with. The flight manual must be designed to lauch it. I will be very gratfull if you could send me a copy of a fligh manual French or English(
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RE: Flight Manual ATR 42 - 300

Tue Aug 07, 2001 6:41 am

I have an ATR-42-320 flight manual (in English). I can't part with it though. It is required to be in my possesion each time I report for work. Are there any specifics I can help you with?
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RE: Flight Manual ATR 42 - 300

Sat Aug 11, 2001 4:03 am

I have an ATR 42 manual in english, would you be so kind to tell me where you live so that I can see if I can ship that to you?
For which company do you work?

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