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Aircraft Cross-sectioning Stats?

Tue Aug 07, 2001 2:43 am

Because I'm talking about numbers and technical stuff, there must be standards as to size and placement of different seats in an airplane, thickness of interior "walls," aisle widths and other various things. That's why I posted it here instead of the civil disscusion. So what are they?

I was in a 737 six years ago, are my approximations close:

* 1/4 in. thick aluminum skin
* ~2" between double windows
* windows are elliptic at 8"x10"
* ~3" from inner window to interior walls
* ~3" distance between interior walls and seat
* In econ, 17" seats where each arm-rest is 2" wide (in between the seats so you still have 18" to sit in)
* seats are 12" off ground and ~40" high
* seats are normally reclined at 20-degrees
* overhead baggage is ~60" high from floor
* Also in econ, 19" aisles measured from arm-rest to arm-rest
* ceiling is ~80" high
* floor is ~8" thick (including carpeting)
* cargo bay is 60" wide by 36" high
* outside fuselage cross section is ~20% longer than width

What am I missing?

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RE: Aircraft Cross-sectioning Stats?

Tue Aug 07, 2001 4:16 pm

Your a little off on the skin thickness. It varies somewere from .064-.100 inches. the cargohold is also about 4 ft tall.

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