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What Is Doc?

Fri Aug 17, 2001 9:36 pm

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother ya all with this but this is the first in a series of four questions I have and I'm sure many will follow. Final exams are coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Crying

Anyway, to the point now: what are the dry operating costs of an aircraft? And if DOC exists then there have to be Indirect Operating Costs as well. And what is the relation between DOC, IOC and total turnover generated by an aircraft. Sure there will also be difference between new and ageing aircraft as fuel and maintenance costs rise during the lifetime of the aircraft.

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RE: What Is Doc?

Sat Aug 18, 2001 4:00 am

I'm not an accounting major (or looking at my checkbook, anything resembling one) but I think DOC stands for "direct" operating costs versus "dry. There is wet-leasing and dry-leasing of aircraft, but that's a different thing all together..

Not to nitpick--just didn't want you to possibly go astray on your paper..
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