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Handling Of Midair Diversions

Fri Sep 21, 2001 9:21 am

I'm curious, from a pilot's perspective, how the grounding of US and US-bound planes on 9/11 were handled. Were any of you flying on that day, or otherwise knew how they handled it?

Did every plane get immediately directed to the nearest airport by ATC? Did they explicitly mention the attach on the WTC/Pentagon over the radio, or did they just direct all planes to land?

Who chose the diversion airports for each flight-- FAA themselves, the flight crew, or did the poor airline dispatchers have to pick diversion points, and then notify each and every plane of their airline where they were going to divert?

Also, did planes land overweight, or was fuel dumping allowed if necessary?
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RE: Handling Of Midair Diversions

Fri Sep 21, 2001 12:48 pm

My understanding is that if they were IFR, they were informed of the NOTAM and given vectors to the nears airport that could accomidate the aircraft. If VFR then they would need to monitor guard or the local freq. The VFR A/C would be informed over those freqs and then up to the pilot to land at the nearest airfield. As for landing overweight and fuel dumping, I can't really answer that. Except that is sound correct that if they needed to lose weight they would dump just enough fuel to get back into their weight limits.  Smile

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