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Boeing 737 Engine Failure Procedures

Sun Sep 23, 2001 6:01 pm

Recently I started thinking about something involving aircraft during engine failures. I was at first studying this for a MD-11, but I was not very successful at it (if anyone can still be of any help on the MD-11, please let me know) but now I have turned my attention towards the Boeing 737, the specific type doesn't matter to me. But I am still looking for the same thing. What do the pilots do when there is an engine failure at take-off, at or just after V1. In the following flight, what do they have to do and what is the effect of this failure on the performance of the Boeing 737?

Can anyone of you out there help me?


P.S. I already checked out (Boeing 737 Information Site) and did not find it there, despite useful help from the designer of the site.
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RE: Boeing 737 Engine Failure Procedures

Mon Sep 24, 2001 4:54 am

Procedures for engine failures vary from airline to airline...Most checklists have memory items to be performed immediately, followed by items to be done via "the book".

Essentially, it would be
---FLY the Airplane---(ie, if the a/c doesn't get away from the runway safely, what's the point??)

1. Max thrust on good engine
2. Reach clean up altitude/declare the emergency
3. Run the eng failure OR severe damage checklist (how did it fail, is it on fire, etc.) This would include such items as using fire bottles if nec, monitoring cabin altitude, and fuel/electrical/hydraulic system management
4. After takeoff checklist
5. Run the single engine approach checklist
6. Landing checklist

All Transport Category a/c are designed to be capable of flying specified profile with an engine out (albeit some a/c have considerbly more performance than others like the 757). A "V1" cut is one of the more common things done in the Sim.


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