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Acars :-/

Tue Sep 25, 2001 10:57 pm

I just began working with ACARS and would be very thankful to anybody who can supply me with a guide on how to decode the received messages as well as the message labels.

Anything else you can recommand is also highly appreciated!

Thanks, KM732
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RE: Acars :-/

Wed Sep 26, 2001 1:33 am

Aircraft Crew Alert and Reporting System

Used to downlink information to ground stations via VHF/HF (such as aircraft information) and uplink information to the aircraft (such as flightplans for the FMC).
ACARS is also used for airlines on-time statistics. It has various sensors for aircraft info...which help define OOOI times.
OOOI stands for Out, Off, On, In
Out as in Out of the gate, Off as in takeoff, On as in on the ground (landing) and In as in In the gate.
Airlines use this for on-time stats.

You can listen to it via an airband scanner on really high MHz like 3,000. Or really low like 2 MHz. You need a specialized scanner for this though. However I don't know how to decode it. Hope this helps though.

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RE: Airbus380

Wed Sep 26, 2001 5:01 am

WOW....well said there Airbus380!!!
I couldn't have said it any better if I'd said it myself
 Wink/being sarcastic
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RE: Acars :-/

Wed Sep 26, 2001 7:14 am

I couldn't agree fuller.
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RE: Acars :-/

Wed Sep 26, 2001 4:28 pm

I would advise you better apply to your engineering. They must have all the manuals you need if you want to learn ACARS secrets. Message formats are hardly found in a general type document like AEEC spec as they are more or less unique depending on your avionics supplier and your company policy...yes yes they are modifiable.

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