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Traffic Bulletin On ATC

Tue Oct 23, 2001 10:02 pm

I don't have anything better to do most nights, so I take my old radio and listen to ATC where I live. And whenever aircraft take off on long haul routes these are some of the calls I hear on frequency:
"All Stations, Traffic Information
Speedbird 2078 airborne out of Accra 2231 Northbound,
Destination London-Gatwick on Upper Bravo 726 airway,
Echo Tango Alpha SENAM waypoint 2240, BINGO 0019,
Climbing out of Flight Level 140 for FL370, Speedbird 2078, Northbound..."

"Springbok 053 just airborne out of Accra, Destination Johannesburg, South-southeast bound, Echo Tango Alpha equator 0014, climbing FL90 for 330. Springbok 053 South-southeastbound...

Can somebody please tell me the significance of these transmissions?
ok, last one:
"Traffic Information, KLM 590 airborne from Accra, dest Amsterdam, northbound on the uniform alpha 603 aproaching SENAM-ETA Amsterdam 0308, climbing FL120 to FL330, KLM 5-9-0 northbound..."

RE: Traffic Bulletin On ATC

Tue Oct 23, 2001 10:59 pm

This is a Traffic information call. Although this is IFR stuff it has the same structure as VFR. It is basically a call to others aircraft listening on the frequncy so that they can estimate your position and so that they can estimate if they are in conflict with you.

the structure is

1) All Stations/Traffic Information = to everyone who is listening
2) Speedbird 567/ Zulu Alpha Kilo = to let people know who you are
3) enroute to Gatwick = To let people know your destination
4) over XYZ at XXXX feet = to let people know where you are
5 estimating ABC at 0345Z = so that the other on the freq can determine your route and an averaged speed to figure out if you represent a conflict.
6)any traffic in conflict contact Zulu Alpha Kilo = so that they know who to reply too, in case they forgot your callsign when you first said it.

Number 4 can take different forms. You can tell for example that you are on radial 230 of XYZ VOR 10 miles inbound, or you can tell them that you are over tingleville on a heading of 068 at 3500 ft and son on...

Of course all I said here is related to VFR stuff.

Hope it helps.
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RE: Traffic Bulletin On ATC

Thu Nov 01, 2001 9:10 pm

You are at Pittsburgh...and you listen to traffic info
from Accra!!!...which frequency is it ?

"ALL stations,all stations..." is a specificity for traffic
information calls within Africa.
I saw this in a JEPPESEN en-route chart,and the
frequencies used for these transmissions are either on
HF or VHF.
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RE: Traffic Bulletin On ATC

Fri Nov 02, 2001 11:23 pm

ok, i'm from pittsburgh, but right now for a couple of very strange reasons i'm in africa...

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