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Sears-Haack X-section Ditribution & Sonic Cruiser?

Wed Nov 14, 2001 12:17 am

Hi there!

The only really interesting course I have at the moment is Aerospace Vehicle Design. Today we very briefly learnt about the Sears-Haack distribution, and how this distribution is giving the optimum cross-sectional area of an aircraft along its length for different Machnumbers. It was very interesting information, but I cannot claim to understand WHY or HOW this cross-sectional area distribution is the optimum for the given Machnumber. Also, it was mentioned that the distinctive shape of the Sonic Cruiser is - presumably - largely influenced by attempts to satisfy these optimum conditions (especially the decision to use canards) for a design Mach number of 1.0, while trying to keep the fuselage cross-section reasonably constant

So basically, I was wondering whether anyone can point out a good source of information about the entire theory, and how exactly it is supposed to work. Also, is there any information available on the lengthwise cross-sectional area distribution of the Sonic Cruiser, for comparison with the (theoretical) optimum? I'd rather like to see how close to the ideal the design is...

Thanks for any help



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