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SIDS/STARS With No Radar

Tue Dec 11, 2001 4:49 pm

Can anyone help ?

when an aircraft departs on a standard instrument departure, from an airport with no radar at which point does it make its first position report, does it have to report that it will be at different levels when it reaches the various waypoints?

Does the same thing happen on decent or is there a point beyond which position reports are not necessary?

Can anyone also tell me which parts of the world have radar coveragre, I assume that western Europe and North America do.

Many thanks
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RE: SIDS/STARS With No Radar

Tue Dec 11, 2001 9:23 pm

You'd be talking to ATC... they will ask you to report leaving certain points with your altitude. Most SIDS I have seen down here in the south are just radar vectors, so more than likely in a no-radar situation they would just stick you on an intercept to a Victor or Jet route and report crossing certain points.

For the approach portion it's generally final approach fix inbound to report, or procedure turn inbound (if the procedure turn is necessary).

To get to the approach from a STAR, they would more than likely send you on the star, then have you proceed direct to the procedure turn point (marker) or some other outer fix that may not require a procedure turn.
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RE: SIDS/STARS With No Radar

Wed Dec 12, 2001 3:09 am

This could take some time.....

but in short: When pilots know there is no radar it's in their and our best interest to report when passing all kinds of fix/navaids. They have to report reaching assigned levels/holdingpatterns etc.

Regarding radar coverage, it depends on about 10.000 factors......
At high lever you can generally say that most of mainland europe and us have coverage.
In europe the coverage is poor at low lever in some areas with mountainous terrain. At smaller regional aiports the cost gains with installing a radar system dos not way up the cost of the system itself.
You might need 4 MSSR stations to cover 1 TMA, while in flat terrain you can use one MSSR to cover several TMA's.  Big thumbs up

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