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A380 Landing Gear

Wed Dec 26, 2001 7:39 am

Does anybody know what the design for the main landing gear on an A380 is? I saw a picture that had 6 wheel on 2 of the main (can't remember if they were outboard or not), and 4 on the other 2. Is this the way it really is designed? I would have thought that it would have more wheels than that. That's only 4 more than a 747. Are the wheels that much bigger? Does anybody have any good diagrams/pictures or anything like that for this?
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RE: A380 Landing Gear

Wed Dec 26, 2001 8:12 am

As far as I know, the actual construction of the landing gear has just been contracted out, so I wouldn´t expect many details yet; But Airbus has a few PDF files on the A380 on their Site at

The PDF document "A380 landing gear footprint & ACNs" has the dimensions (in mm, I think) and some more info. The 6-wheeled bogies are the inboard (aft) ones. As far as I´ve heard, those will also be steerable.
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RE: A380 Landing Gear

Wed Dec 26, 2001 9:45 am

These numbers are very loose.

The A-380 will be at about the same displacement as the 747-400LR.

400LR is about 910,000lbs displaceing a footprint of 91000lbs per tire.

A-380 will displace 1,300,000 on 14 wheels at 92800lbs per tire.

At one point there was going to be a 3 wheel nose gear but it was thought it would create a shimmy in the nose gear in high sideload condisions. "crosswind landings"
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RE: A380 Landing Gear

Thu Dec 27, 2001 2:16 am

Two three axle body gears, two two-axle wing mounted gears, and one one-axle nose gear.......
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RE: A380 Landing Gear

Thu Dec 27, 2001 6:30 am

If all the early estimates are correct then the A380 has only two more axles(4 tyres) 2x 3 & 2 x 2 axle bogies for 20 tyres total as opposed to 744 at 16.4 x 4 2 axle bogies.

That is 400 ton for the 16 wheel main gear of a 744 and an extra 50% weight @ 590 ton for 20 wheel main gear of the A380. Could be a little thin on main gear at MTOW.

Since when has a totally new project ever come under budget or not encountered numerous unforseen problems. The A380 project will be no different. 12 billion developement costs may be a little conservative. I look forward to seeing one fly. It may be later rather than sooner.

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