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Seeking Jet Sounds From The Past

Mon Jan 07, 2002 2:16 am

I'd like to ask if anyone here knows how it may be possible to hear what some of the first jets (i.e. the Comet, the JT3C and JT4A turbojet- and RR Conway-powered 707's and DC-8's) actually sounded like. Are there any sound files on the net, or any authentic movies, that contain actual recordings of these aircraft in operation? I can barely remember what JT3D's sound like.

I know of one site that has an actual modern-day recording of a taxiing Comet (Canopus) -- I am amazed at the utter harshness of the sound of those engines!! And yet, if as I suspect, many of you find the sound of raw jet noise to be as beautiful as music, then there's a certain beauty to that sound. Here's the link: Voice of a Comet
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