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Online Resources For Flight Planning

Tue Jan 15, 2002 11:41 pm

I was wondering which online resources do you use for your flight planning.

Here are some very useful links that I frequently use:

Aviation weather for Slovenia

Weather charts, FIR, METAR..

NOAA airport reports

many weather-related links


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RE: Online Resources For Flight Planning

Wed Jan 16, 2002 12:59 pm

If you're looking for free online flight planning sites there are just a few of them that I know of. Both of the DUAT providers have a flight planning section that seems to work pretty well. Also, I just came across www.fltplan.com that also seems to have some possibilities. Actually, I personally don't use these "freebie" sites too often our company provides us with the flight planning program "Flitesoft". It's a great program and it's VERY easy to use once you get the hang of it, but at first it can be a bit intimidating. You basically enter the departure and destination airports; check for appropriate SIDS, STARS, and Preferred Routes; then you simply "connect the dots" for the enroute routing; add passengers, baggage and fuel and tell it to call up DUAT and download the winds, weather, NOTAMS, etc. It then gives you the time and fuel burn for 5 different flight levels appropriate to the direction of flight. At that point you simply select the "best" one and click another button and the flight plan is filed. Total time required to plan, file, and print the navigation documents for a coast to coast trip is maybe 10 minutes. As far as accuracy goes, we regularly fly, non-stop, from our headquarters in southern Oregon to one of our plants in Orlando, Florida. Flitesoft typically will be within 3 minutes on our enroute time and 100 pounds on the total fuel burn out of about a 9700 pound burn. I've had several trips where the time was exact, to the minute and the fuel was within 1 gallon! I know that it was a fluke, but we have to have something to bet on to see who buys dinner.


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