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Ldg Gear Sideloads At Touchdown

Sun Jan 27, 2002 5:33 am

Which ldg gear handle sideloads best?
- B747
- B777

Wondering if the fact that the gears incorporate steering would help any, even though it's not active during touchdown...strange question, but maybe someone understands what I'm getting at.

I kind of remember in the 47 that Body gear steering is engaged AFTER landing I know it's not active during touchdown. And I know the B777 is auto arm/disarm. But, would they handle sideloads better.

A ask because if u look at kai tak videos/approaches, some of 47s come in with some terrible sideloads. They're supoosed to straighten that crab out just prior to TD...but it doesn't always happen. Inspections galore!
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RE: Ldg Gear Sideloads At Touchdown

Sun Jan 27, 2002 12:37 pm

Maybe the steering hydraulics are "soft" enough on touchdown to catch some of the twisting momentum on the bogeys... Is that so?

Or are the bogeys forced to zero degrees with full pressure at touchdown?

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